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Redefining Thermal Destruction and Odor Control For the 21st Century

Thermal Destruction Systems

BMS-Exotron is pleased to introduce the most advanced thermal destruction and NOx management technology available on the market.

BMS-Exotron is a leading designer, developer, and private label manufacturer of thermal destruction equipment for waste stream minimization, material recovery, and material destruction for industrial processes. 

BMS-Exotron provides waste destruction services for select customers at its company owned facilities and specializes in Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, Scrubbers, Mass Reduction Systems, Pyrolysis Process Systems, NOx Reduction Systems and Technical Industrial Services. 

American Air Scrubbers

American Air Scrubbers is pleased to introduce the Aria™ Odor Control System. The Aria allows the user to reduce/eliminate nuisance odors, improve work environments, and eliminate neighbor complaints. Reduce/eliminate VOC's and vapor intrusions, reduce/eliminate stagnate odors from industrial equipment, and improve individual health.

Several Models Available
EX IFTO Model, EX Reactor Model, UL-Reactor Model. Customized to Meet Customer Needs

Direct & Indirect Heated Reaction Chambers | Direct & Indirect Heated Thermal Oxidizers | NOx Control Systems | Unprecedented Emissions Control

American Air Scrubbers 

The Aria™ Control System

A true odor destruction system. No added chemicals required. No recurring costs. No carbon or deodorizer to replace. Effective, reliable, safe. Chemical & residue free.